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About Us

Budreau Construction Inc. is a family-owned and operated construction and metal fabrication business located in Clyde, Kansas. Since our company opened its doors in 1993, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family.  

Our company started as a small, home-based business offering remodeling and new construction services to the local public. Over the years we have matured and improved our skills, and now we are proud to offer a wide variety of services including commercial construction, remodeling, specialty concrete structures, and metal buildings. 

During our progression of services we recognized the need to expand in the metal fabrication aspect of construction.  Now, we are proud to offer metal fabrication products to help others become more efficient, both professionally and personally.    
About Our Products
You may be wondering how our plasma circle cutting guide came to be,25 years ago a metal fabrication shop that I was associated with had a problem with a program on their burn table. 75 units of parts that should of had 4 -4 1/2" holes in each had been omitted. They ask me to help get the order completed, because it needed to ship in 3 days. So I designed the prototype to the jigs you see today. All  300 the holes were burnt in 3/8 plate cleaned and held a tolerance of 1/32 of " in eight hours.    The plasma jig products we offer are truly one of a kind.  Other companies may offer similar products, but we feel ours stands out above the rest because of its numerous uses.  While other brands of plasma jigs are designed to do one specific function, we have engineered one that can be used several different ways.  

Currently, we offer 3 different models of plasma jigs.  These jigs are designed to bolt directly onto the handle of your plasma cutting machine and assist the user in large and small circle cutting.  Additionally, it can also be used to cope pipe and cut slots.

A list and description of the various models and accessories we offer can be found on our Products page.       

About Budreau Construction Inc.
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What our products can do
While the possibilities of this jig are numerous, the most common applications include the ability to cut large and small circles and slots, and the ability to cope pipe and cut saddles.  

​This jig allows users to fabricate a large number of items, which can include:

​• Handrails
• Cattle panels and gates
• Roll cages
• Race car frames
• Metal bushings
• Custom fabricated artwork
• Plumbing repairs

With a creative imagination, the possibilities of the Ultimate Plasma Jig are truly limitless!  

Be sure to check out our Tutorials page and Photo Gallery to see all that one of our plasma jigs is capable of creating.